TruthFinder Review

Often we hope to find a service that can provide us with honest background checks on people we deal with and wonder who they really are.

Our reasons for the service could vary like need for information on adopted individual, neighbors or someone you plan to date, but the requirement is same, that we need a detailed, honest and accurate information at high speed.

TruthFinder is one such online search website that helps perform background check reliably, by accessing real records and social media networks of individuals.

What is TruthFinder? is a website that helps you uncover the complete picture of the person you are looking for, by compiling hundreds of available data sources like public records including state, federal and local databases, social network data and more into a report.

With a background report you can get arrest records, personal and contact information, license, online activity, offences, felonies and more. Similarly, with a phone report, you can expect name, photo, address, job information, social media profiles, online account usernames, to name a few.

How it works?

TruthFinder offers an affordable and legit way to search for people and perform background check.

TruthFinder claims that their reports go beyond Google searches and uncovers information from “deep web” to give you a complete report of the person you are looking for. While the public records and social media information is available to all, it can be quite cumbersome to consolidate the information from multiple sources. This is where the TruthFinder service comes in handy with a single report to find your missing loved ones or evaluate a stranger.

While the website uses public records and social media posts to determine the individual’s report, it is continually verifying the accuracy of information and updating its database to ensure that you get the most accurate and updated information.

Background searching using TruthFinder is quite simple. It involves entering only the individual’s name and state on the homepage to get to the access report. This report may contain more than one similar person listed. Once you select the person you can view the individual’s report with personal details.

Individual’s with dark history make a lot of effort to hide their past, but TruthFinder’s can help you uncover it with details like social network photos and videos, arrest records, traffic offences, misdemeanors and more.


  • Allows you to look for anyone in America.
  • Protects privacy with confidential search and your personal information being 100% safe.
  • Not compliant with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and are neither a Credit Reporting Agency. Hence, these reports cannot be used when screening a potential employee, domestic help, tenant, scholarship qualification, eligibility for insurance or credit, or any other reason that falls under the FCRA.
  • Goes beyond your regular search engine into the deep web to uncover detailed information.
  • Even offers satellite images of the last known address of the individual.
  • Reverse phone lookup feature allows you to identify the caller and perform a background check on them.


  • Attractive and intuitive design that makes the navigation easy and fast.
  • Safe and secure website from the risk of malicious attacks or virus.
  • Affordable price
  • Rated “A” by the Better Business Bureau
  • Informania section is a great resource that provides educational links like online safety tips, information on cheating spouses and more.
  • Completely safe as it protects your account info and credit card information.


  • No upfront disclosure about the pricing and subscription renewed automatically until called and cancelled.
  • Negative reviews included the information on their report sometimes being dated and inaccurate.
  • A few users have complained about reports being very basic and nothing more than their own google search.
  • Does not offer any mobile app to use the service while on the go.

How much does it cost?

You need to choose from available subscription plans to be able to access the TruthFinder’s reports. The Standard membership plan costs $18 per month and allows you to access unlimited standard reports for the period of one month. Your subscription is automatically renewed until you call and cancel it.

The other non-standard subscription plans include 3-month plan for $15.71 per month and 6-month plan for $13.71 per month.

While these plans give you unlimited access to standard reports, you need to pay an extra amount for premium reports like weapon permits, criminal records, properties owned and the likes.

Runner Up

InstantCheckmate is another personal background check service that is very popular and for a good reason. It provides 24-hour customer service to help you solve your queries and general assistance.

They also offer PDFs of rare and archived records along with the lightening fast delivery system that ensures that you do not have to wait and waste your time to look up an individual.

However, Checkmate did you fare well on our usability test as its interface is not very attractive or user-friendly. They do provide good service, but have slightly expensive subscription plans that do not offer great value for money.


TruthFinder is a completely legit and safe people search website. It focuses on the personal side of background check and is great for looking up neighbors, family members, friends, sex offenders and similar searches.

While these services can be of great help to begin your search with and are attractive and easy to use, you should always do your own due diligence before arriving at a conclusion.