Does TrapCall Work ( Our TrapCall Review

TrapCall is a well-known product for unmasking blocked and restricted calls. In fact, it’s the only product doing this in my opinion…

For a quick overview of its capabilities, watch the video below:

One of the main benefits of using TrapCall is that you don’t have to install any software! And it works on ANY mobile phone.

But a few people know that there is more to TrapCall than the Number Unmasking feature (even if it is the main one)…

For example, here is a complete list of the features of the product:

Number Unmasking

Trapcall unblocks and reveals the actual (real) caller ID when a call has been blocked. It can even include first and last name if they’re available.

Blacklist Unwanted Callers

When you ignore a call from an unwanted/blacklisted caller, they will get a message stating that your number has been disconnected.

Call Recording

A really interesting feature (only Trapcall do this). You can record all your incoming calls! Then access/manage them from your TrapCall account.

Voicemail Transcriptions

If you’re in a busy area (class, movie, meeting, etc.), you can read your voicemail messages via SMS.

Online Management

Your Trapcall account can be accessed from ANY device. Your recorded voicemails can also be accessed from your online account, as MP3 files.

Universal Compatibility

NO software to install! And works with ANY mobile phone and the majority of mobile carriers (there’s a few exceptions though).

Carrier Compatibility

Quoted from TrapCall official website:

We’re committed to offering our product to just about anyone with a cell phone, but sometimes there are technical issues that prevent us from working with a certain carrier. We are, however, always working to expand our services.

List of Supported Carriers:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint

As you can see, TrapCall is not only this “unmasking blocked caller ID” well-known software, but a feature-rich program that can solve a lot of call-related needs.